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Strategic Research Plan 2017-20

What’s needed to turn research discoveries into better outcomes for Victorian cancer patients?

As Australia’s first comprehensive cancer centre, how can the VCCC speed up the process of turning cutting edge research into the future of cancer care?

The VCCC Strategic Research Plan (SRP) sets out to answer these questions. The SRP, supported by $30 million from the Victorian State Government, maps a structured approach to tackling some of the big challenges in cancer with the aim of delivering long-lasting benefits.

More than 200 representatives from VCCC partner organisations, external stakeholders, consumers and the community contributed to the planning, process, design and development of this plan. As such, it represents the shared vision and purpose of people and organisations committed to working together in new and better ways towards optimising outcomes for cancer patients.

The programs in the SRP are grouped into four broad themes: Leadership and Collaboration; An Outstanding Cancer Workforce; Research Capability and Capacity, and Clinical Trials Expansion. Just as ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, the 19 programs that form the SRP cannot be considered in isolation - each is intrinsically linked and connected to the others.

At the end of three years, success will mean:

  • more clinical trials covering more cancer disciplines, and more patients getting the opportunity to participate in trials and clinical research
  • greater capacity and capability of the cancer workforce
  • new collaborative programs in cutting-edge areas of cancer research, such as immunotherapy, targeted therapies, precision prevention and tailored screening.
  • effective leadership across the alliance and a culture of collaboration embedded at an organisation level
  • faster translation of research advances into standard care for patients with cancer.

Together, these achievements will ensure promising cancer research can move rapidly from potential to reality in the form of better treatments, practice, policy and care. By 2021, Victorians will be experiencing the benefits of a world-class, future-ready comprehensive cancer centre.

View the VCCC Strategic Research Plan 2017-20

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