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Supporters and Networks


Victoria State Government

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The Victoria State Government is the major supporter of the VCCC. The state government has committed $30m in funding to support the work of the VCCC, which includes work to speed up the delivery of new cancer treatments for Victorian patients through increased clinical trials activity. 

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)


The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has awarded a research grant of $2,000,000 to the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre for the establishment of the ACRF Translational Proteomic Facility. This new facility will  support preclinical research and clinical trials of targeted cancer therapeutics by providing custom-designed, quantitative analyses of complex mixtures of proteins from human cell lines, xenografts and tissue samples. The overarching aim of the ACRF Translational Proteomic Facility is to develop the technical capabilityrequired to engage the global pharmaceutical industry in advanced translational research in order to attract molecularly-targeted clinical trials of novel oncology therapies to Australia.

You can find out more about the fundraising endeavours and support provided to cancer researchers in Australia here

Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc.


The Picchi Brothers Foundation supports the development of future leaders in cancer through the sponsorship of ‘The Picchi Brothers Award for Excellence in Cancer Research’. This award is designed to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by a student, to the cancer field, during their PhD and support their transition to research independence. You can learn more about their foundation here

Steer North

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The Steer North VCCC PhD Scholarship at The University of Melbourne is made possible by a generous $100,000 donation from Steer North. The scholarship will support a talented student to undertake cancer research at one of the member organisations of the VCCC.

Steer North is a Health Promotion Charity, dedicated to inspiring people to live healthy and active lives and raising funds for medical research, education and patient care. Read more on their website


Western and Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS)


The VCCC and WCMICS are both dedicated to improvement in cancer outcomes in Victoria and locally in the Western and Central Melbourne areas. You can find out more about their program of work here.


Biomedical Research Victoria (Formerly Bio21)

Biomedical Research Victoria

The VCCC is a proud member of Biomedical Research Victoria. You can find out more about them here.


Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx)


The VCCC is a proud supporter of the Cancer Therapeutics CRC. More information is available on this group here.


Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)


The VCCC is a member of the UICC. A link to their websie can be found here.


BioGrid Australia

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The VCCC is a member of BioGrid Australia. To find out more about BioGrid, please click here.