Hui Gan

Associate Professor Hui Gan

MBBS PhD FRACP (medical oncology) Research & Education Lead, Central Nervous System and Brain Cancers
Alliance position: Director, Clinical Trials, Austin Health and Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Tumour Targeting Laboratory, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute View alliance profile

Associate Professor Hui Gan (MBBS, FRACP, PhD) is Director of Cancer Clinical Trials at Austin Health as well as being Head of their Phase 1 Program. His clinical areas of interest include brain tumours and head & neck cancers. He obtained his PhD from Melbourne University for his work on mAb806, a novel antibody that targets a tumour-specific, conformational epitope on EGFR. He has since helped lead the development of an antibody drug conjugate based on mAb806 (ABT-414), with highly promising randomised phase 2 data supporting that this will be the first drug to ever improve survival in recurrent HGG.

Overall, he has led over 40 clinical trials since 2009, almost always as principal investigator. These collaborations have contributed to the successful development of several first in human drugs which have all progressed to subsequent phase 2 or 3 studies. These include drugs from Beigene (BGB-283, BGB290 and BGB-A317), GSK  (GSK2256098), Engenics (EnGeneIC Delivery Vehicles) and AbbVie (ABT-414). In addition to clinical work, he continues his translational research at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute to develop novel anti-cancer drugs.

In 2018, Associate Professor Gan was appointed VCCC Research & Education Lead – Central Nervous System and Brain Cancer. In this role he is working to map opportunities across the alliance to develop expert networks, deliver strategic educational programming, improve sharing of data for research, and implement multi-partner clinical trials to speed up the translation of new research into routine clinical practice.