Anne Woollett

Anne Woollett

BNursing BEd CertOnc CertMan Head of Clinical Trial Programs

Anne Woollett is responsible for delivering the VCCC’s Clinical Trials portfolio, which aims to increase the number of patients with cancer on trials across Victoria.

Clinical trials form a critical bridge between research and clinical practice, progressing promising treatments and care protocols into better outcomes for patients. By conducting clinical trials in Victoria, the VCCC alliance partners enable patients to access the best available health care options.

The VCCC’s Clinical Trials portfolio aims to address the current areas of greatest need and the most significant gaps in activity. To achieve the portfolio goals, Anne’s team will manage programs to build capability and capacity, expand clinical trial activity and patient participation, increase efficiencies across sites, and maximise value for money.

With over 25 years of experience, Anne has worked in a broad range of oncological fields, including clinical trials development, processes and governance. Her experience covers networks, multi-service collative ventures and academic health centres, in addition to commercial and investigator led research at University of Melbourne, ANZUP, Cancer Trials Group, ACTA, Peter Mac and Barwon Health.

Anne is a registered nurse and has qualifications in education, oncology and management.