Meredith Layton

Dr Meredith Layton

BSc(Hons) PhD Head of Research Development

Dr Meredith Layton manages the Research Development portfolio at the VCCC. Her role is to develop enablers for research that assist VCCC member organisations to tackle the most important questions in cancer research.

The Research & Education Lead Program and the Leaders in Cancer Strategy are also led by Meredith. These programs aim to develop researchers, specifically research leadership, to build networks of knowledge and expertise to tackle the most difficult research, education and clinical challenges.

Together, the programs in the Research Development portfolio are working towards systems and processes that facilitate embedding research into clinical practice to help ensure that patients quickly benefit from Victoria’s world-class cancer research. Meredith and her team work to:

  • Build new and/or expand research capability and infrastructure
  • Develop collaborative research leadership that is distributed across the alliance
  • Facilitate bringing VCCC member research strengths into a clinical setting

Meredith has a PhD in protein chemistry from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and has over 28 years of experience at all levels in biomedical research, including 18 years postdoctoral experience in London and Melbourne. Prior to joining the VCCC, Dr Layton was a research scientist at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the Department of Biochemistry at Monash University, and a program manager at General Practice Victoria and the Victorian Department of Health.