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26 May 2021
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Austin Health
  • Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

Breast Cancer Education Series: oligometastatic breast cancer treatment

Please join VCCC Research and Education Lead, Dr Belinda Yeo, who will lead May’s masterclass focussing on treatment options in oligometastatic breast cancer (OMBC).


Treatment for oligometastatic and advanced disease have improved substantially over the past decade. Molecular subtyping, improved stage imaging and the role of liquid biopsy have led to an increase in the detection of small volume metastases.

In this webinar Dr Belinda Yeo and a multidisciplinary panel of experts will discuss emerging data, aggressive treatment options and the impact on patient quality of life. They will explore the differences in oligometastatic treatment and metastatic treatment options. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual discussion.

Facilitated by

Dr Belinda Yeo, VCCC Research and Education Lead


What is OMBC, how is it defined and how do medical oncologists approach this problem?
Rachel Raju, Medical Oncology Advanced Trainee, Austin Health

What are the surgical discussions for patients with OMBC?
Presenter tbc

What evidence do we have for modifying radiotherapy for patients with OMBC?
Janice Yeh, Radiation Oncology Fellow, Austin Health

Presenters will be joined by Professor Bruce Mann, VCCC Research and Education Lead, and Dr Michael Chao, Radiation Oncologistc, ONJCRI, for a panel discussion.

Wednesday 26 May 2021