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05 May 2021
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

VCCC Grand Round Breast Cancer with Associate Professor Alex Swarbrick

New insights into the human breast cancer microenvironment

Join to hear from Associate Professor Alex Swarbrick from Garvan Institute of Medical Research who will discuss his lab's development and application of new cellular genomic methods to find new therapeutic targets in the breast cancer microenvironment.

Associate Professor Swarbrick’s lab is a leader in the application of single cell genomics in oncology, an application that is revolutionising the understanding of cell biology immunology, and genomics, and promises to fuel a new generation of insight into cancer treatment. His lab has developed methods to permit multi-parameter single cell analysis, measuring whole transcriptomes, hundreds of protein markers, and targeted genome sequences from thousands of cells per sample. More information.


Associate Professor Alex Swarbrick

Associate Professor Alex Swarbrick is a Principal Research Fellow in the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Kinghorn Cancer Centre. He is a Professor at UNSW Sydney and an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow. After obtaining his PhD in 2003 he undertook postdoctoral training with Nobel Laureate J. Michael Bishop at the University of California, San Francisco. Alex’s lab applies single cell and spatial transcriptomic methods to human cancer and animal models of disease, to find new treatment strategies for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma.