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12 Oct 2020
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Monday Lunch Live with Dr Orazio Vittorio

Targeting intratumoral copper as a novel immunotherapy strategy

Blocking copper uptake in tumour cells may be a clue to boosting immune system - fighting the deadliest of cancers

The Metal-Targeted Therapy and Immunology Lab at the Children's Cancer Institute NSW has identified a strong connection between copper transporters found in malignant cancer tissue compared with normal tissue (copper transporter 1 CTR-1 and PD-L1). Their cutting-edge research is the first to prove that chelation therapy enhances anti-tumour immune responses and could be repurposed for immune checkpoint inhibition.

Dr Vittorio will present crucial evidence from their research using an FDA-approved copper chelator to increase tumour infiltrating immune cells and improve the survival in a neuroblastoma immunocompetent mouse model.

Dr Orazio Vittorio
University of New South Wales, Children's Cancer Institute

Dr Vittorio is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Scientia Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He is head of the Metal-Targeted Therapy and Immunology Lab at the Children's Cancer Institute. Dr Vittorio is cancer biologist with ten years of post-doctoral experience and an emerging international reputation in the development of anti-cancer therapeutics. He consistently publishes research that is highly influential. Dr Vittorio has published more than 84 papers in international journals, six book chapters and four patents.

Monday 12 October 2020

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