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21 Sep 2020
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Monday Lunch Live Stream: Impostor Syndrome in Research

Former postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience and clinical psychologist, Dr Desiree Dickerson will explore the costs of impostor syndrome and how it impacts on productivity, motivation and the enjoyment of working in research.

Impostor syndrome distorts the way we see ourselves, our performance, and our capabilities. It reflects our doubts and fears – the fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough and the fear of not belonging.

This webinar will explore the myriad of angles in impostor syndrome. The lecture may be of interest to researchers, clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Dr Desiree Dickerson will cover:

  • The true cost of doubts and fears, and the extent to which they impact on productivity, motivation and joy for what you do.
  • Simple ways to notice when your perfectionism or impostor syndrome is tripping you up.
  • Simple ways to reshape your inner critic to be more compassionate so that you are able to thrive.

Dr Desiree Dickerson PhD


Monday 21 September

This educational event is an initiative of the VCCC Nurse-led Research Hub.

This event will be hosted via the Zoom platform. Zoom is accessible on your computer, tablet or phone via the Zoom app. If you have any issues with this platform on your device, please visit the Zoom support site. Alternatively please contact your IT administrator.