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15 Mar 2021
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

Monday Lunch Livestream with Dr Jean Berthelet

How playing with LeGO can help understand the spread of breast cancer

Breast tumours are composed of many genetically diverse cancer cells, with some having the ability to metastasise and potentially cause breast cancer-related death. To identify and profile the relevant cancer cells responsible for secondary cancers, the revolutionary new technology LeGO (LEntivirus Gene Ontology) offers an exciting leading-edge prospect for metastatic progression and treatment response.

Join Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Jean Berthelet (Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute) who will drive participants through the strategy that enables him to visualise the spread of cancer cells using high-resolution imaging, and to dissect the mechanisms of cell death and adaptability associated with the spread of cancer.

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Dr Jean Berthelet

Dr Jean Berthelet completed his PhD at the INSERM (France), studying the role of IAPs and RhoGTPases in oncology. Subsequently, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Germany, where he worked on the development of precision medicine in Papillary Thyroid Cancers. In 2017, he joined the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute to study the mechanisms involved in cancer progression. In particular, he optimised the use of optical barcoding to track the survival of cancer cells in different microenvironments.

Monday 15 March