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09 Dec 2019
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • University of Melbourne

Monday Lunch Live with Jonathan Mackley and Dr Joanne Britto

Build it together or fail alone

Best practice consumer engagement is an important area of focus for the VCCC.

At this special consumer-focused Monday Lunch Live, you will hear from a team member of the University of Melbourne collaborative research project representing the Fontan Patient community, Jonathan Mackley who will be joined by Dr Joanne Britto VCCC consumer engagement manager.

Jonathan will provide an overview of the Fontan Video Stories Project, a series of stories of hope created by patients living with congenital heart disease - and representative of good consumer engagement. 

Jonathon will share his method to capture and communicate patient perspectives on a full life and discuss navigating the challenge of trust in this ongoing project that is building successful video content founded on co-design and co-creation.

You will also hear from the VCCC’s Consumer Engagement Manager, Joanne Britto who will talk about the VCCC's commitment to capture the voice of consumers, to listen to the unique and crucial points of view that consumers bring and incorporate these into decisions that shape strategy and program development.

The VCCC consumer engagement toolkit available on the VCCC website from December 2019 provides real examples of consumer engagement and associated resources for all to use. In essence, consumer engagement is a working relationship and like any professional relationship, it is important to develop an understanding of what is involved. 

Jonathan Mackley
Project team member, Fontan Patient community
University of Melbourne

Jonathan was born with severe complex congenital heart disease and underwent multiple heart surgeries by the age of six. Surviving into adulthood, Jonathan has built a career in change management, and recently completed a Master of Communications, during which, he was a board member for HeartKids Victoria and co-founded the Australian and New Zealand Fontan Advocacy Committee, a group that represents the voice of the Fontan (patient) Community. As a professional, Jonathan works in local government to facilitate the people side of change in enterprise technology projects.

Joanne Britto
VCCC Consumer Engagement Manager 

Joanne had a background in medical research and a PhD in neuroscience before she joined Cancer Council Victoria to focus on the production and dissemination of credible cancer information and initiatives to raise awareness and uptake of support services. Throughout her research career, she has been a strong advocate of public outreach heading the education program to enhance community awareness at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

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