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17 Feb 2020
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Monday Lunch Live with Professor Rachel Ankeny

Hype, hope, and cancer research: the value of improving public understanding of emerging technologies

This thought-provoking presentation will be of interest to anyone who engages with patients facing treatment decisions but also those working in research settings considering how to prioritise and promote novel approaches to cancer and disease.

Popular media and scientific fora are abuzz with news of new clinical techniques, particularly genomic technologies that can provide more targeted approaches to cancer treatment.

In this complex area of ethical and scientific development, there is much evidence about the importance of engaging the public before these techniques become even more well-established, to minimise the risk of misinformation and manage expectations.

Hear from Professor Rachel Ankeny as she presents on a range of issues associated with the public understanding of genomic technologies. She will focus on the potential ethical conflicts of these technologies and the need to learn lessons from past mistakes to anticipate and respond to public reaction in a thoughtful and productive manner.

Rachel Ankey jpegProfessor Rachel A. Ankeny

Professor Rachel Ankeny is Professor of History and Philosophy and Deputy Dean Research in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide. Her research crosses several fields including bioethics, public understanding of science, and history and philosophy of the biological and biomedical sciences. She has written on a range of topics including public understanding and reception of emerging technologies such as genetic and stem cell technologies, and uses and limitations of animal research models.


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For more information, please see https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/rachel.ankeny  

Twitter: ankeny_rachel
LinkedIn: Rachel Ankeny