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21 Oct 2019
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • University of Melbourne

Monday lunch live with Professor Sean Grimmond

Decoding cancers of unmet need

Professor Sean Grimmond, Director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Cancer Research is a pioneer of whole-genome and transcriptome analysis of cancer patients.

Join us for an exploration of this cutting-edge area of research as Professor Grimmond sets out the University of Melbourne’s new UMCCR’s Cancers of Unmet Need Initiative.

Professor Grimmond will also provide an update on the VCCC Precision Oncology Program and overview of the University of Melbourne’s Rapid Cancer Genome/Transcriptome analysis platform.

Sean Grimmond

Professor Sean Grimmond

Professor Sean Grimmond directs the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research, heads the Department of Clinical Pathology and is the Bertalli Chair in Cancer Medicine. Professor Grimmond holds a Genetics PhD (UQ), is a Scientific Fellow (RCPA) and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. Professor Grimmond pioneered patient genome & transcriptome almost a decade ago and led Australia’s International Cancer Genome Consortium efforts, which identified the mutagenic processes, driver mutations, and therapeutic vulnerabilities of many high-mortality malignancies. Since returning to Australia, he has focused on tackling cancers of unmet need by establishing the VCCC’s precision oncology program, ex-vivo drug screening and cancer genome discovery.

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