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26 Apr 2021
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Monday Lunch Livestream special event

Investigator-initiated trials innovations

From idea generation to protocol development, the VCCC’s Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building program addresses a critical need by focusing on ways to develop investigator-initiated trials - building awareness and supporting emerging leaders and teams.

The program seeks to address the number one unmet need in the cancer clinical trials field - with access to resources and supportive processes for investigators to develop cancer clinical trials.

In Victoria, 70 per cent of all cancer clinical trials are conducted at VCCC alliance partner institutions; Western Health, Royal Children’s Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital or Austin Health. 

Investigator-initiated trials are established and managed by non-pharmaceutical researchers. They require a diverse set of skills, knowledge, ethics, and regulatory insight. Ready access to current, curated information presents a significant opportunity for researchers and clinicians. 

Important clinical questions may be answered by IITs

Most IITs are designed to support the development of new clinical practice guidelines or compare the effectiveness of existing treatments. Developing these types of trials is crucial because they benefit patients by asking important clinical questions that pharmaceutical or biotech industries are less likely to invest in. 

In 2020, VCCC and Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) with assistance from the Melbourne Children's Trials Centre created a new online toolkit to support researchers conducting investigator-initiated trials.

Recent advances and practical developments

Join VCCC Clinical Trials Development Lead, Professor Mark Rosenthal who will showcase advances in Victoria’s investigator-initiated trials landscape and practical developments from experts in the field:

Support and getting started - What didn’t I know about IITs? 
Dr Aaron Wong, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

What we learned in implementing an IIT program
Kate Khamly, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

A-Z of Investigator-Initiated Trials - IIT Toolkit
Dr Kate Scarff, Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre
Katie Arkell, Melbourne Children's Trials Centre

Monday 26 April