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31 Aug 2017
Opinion Piece

Voluntary Assisted Dying

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre


The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre alliance (VCCC) recognises that voluntary assisted dying is a complex issue with diverse views held in the medical and broader community on the introduction of medically assisted dying into Victoria through the Assisted Dying Bill.

The legislation needs to progress through the formal avenues in parliament and the VCCC is not taking an active role in the process.

Central to high quality care for cancer patients as they approach the end of life is access to skilled care to enable death that minimises pain and both physical and psychological suffering of patients. Support of patients' families and carers is also an important aspect of patient care.

The VCCC supports access to evidence-based palliative care for all cancer patients that have a clinical need and will grow investment in research and education in palliative care.

The VCCC respects patient autonomy and the importance of informed decisions about the care they receive. This is an important discussion to have and we look forward to outcomes of the Victorian parliament’s ongoing consideration of the legislation.

The Board of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre