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12 Nov 2020
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A-Z of Clinical Trials: foundation learning for your clinical trial career

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Australian clinical trials industry is growing exponentially, particularly in Victoria – with that growth comes a greater need for skilled professionals to move into key roles. Who works in clinical trials, and how can people establish a career in this progressive area?

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) has been contributing to the growth in clinical trials, expanding capability and capacity across metropolitan and regional Victoria. The VCCC has recently released a series of freely available Clinical Trial Workforce online modules, each providing information, resources and scenarios explaining  the key fundamental activities of clinical trials.

Kick off the next stage of your career

Mark Buzza, VCCC Head of Clinical Research, says, “The online learning modules are appropriate for anyone looking to upskill in clinical trials, whether you are a scientific undergraduate looking for career opportunities, a nurse or postdoc researcher keen to kick off the next stage of your career or an experienced clinical trial coordinator looking to upskill in Teletrials. The resources and strategies provided will enable learners to understand the clinical trial process.” 

There are currently seven VCCC Clinical Trial Workforce online modules:

  • Feasibility to ethics approval
  • Governance to site initiation
  • From screening to participant enrolment
  • Managing a participant on a trial
  • From initiation to close-out
  • Problem-solving in clinical trials

There is also an additional module on the Teletrial approach, a flexible way to conducting trials to overcome geographical barriers. This module has particular relevance in light of the recent challenges faced by people in regional and rural locations with restrictions around travel during the pandemic.

The easy-to-follow modules feature real-life stories and videos, as well as templates, guidelines and references to ensure the learning process is accessible and engaging.

Demonstration of course content

Begin your clinical trial learning

The VCCC Clinical Trial Workforce online modules are currently freely available online via the VCCC website. Potential students are requested to register into the VCCC Learning Hub – a secure portal hosted on the University of Melbourne’s Canvas Learning Management System.

For more information, contact VCCC Education Program Coordinator, Erin Turner e: erin.turner@unimelb.edu.au


The clinical trials modules were developed by the VCCC in collaboration - and with the generous assistance of consumers and carers; Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit; Barwon Health; St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne; Murdoch Children's Research Institute; Melbourne Health Governance and Medical Photography teams, and the University of Melbourne.