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05 Dec 2018
Press Release

Clinical trials programs developing to address greatest needs

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • University of Melbourne
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Austin Health
  • Cancer Trials Australia
  • JeyLab
  • TrialDocs

Range of initiatives now underway

Increasing clinical trials harmonisation and enhancing capability across alliance partner trial sites are key initiatives to improve benefits to patients and access to cancer clinical trials.

Harmonised electronic document management system

A collaboration with Cancer Trials Australia, TrialDocs and JeyLab will provide a consistent, harmonsied approach to delivering clinical trials. SiteDocs Portal is an electronic document management system that will be rolled out to metro alliance partners and the Regional Trial Network next year.

Two project officers will work closely with the clinical trials sites to scope out the most effective and successful implementation plan, as well as deliver effective training and support.

The SiteDocs Portal will provide workflow functionality, access permissions, version control and tracking of documents. Everything in one place.

Investigator-initiated program continuing to make progress

The initial Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building support package was awarded to Professor Geoff Lindeman from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and The University of Melbourne.

Site and statistical management have been provided and Professor Lindeman’s trial is on track for an ethics submission this month. Recruitment through Peter Mac, RMH and the Austin Hospital is expected to commence in the new year.

The second round of submissions is currently in the approval process, with three to four studies to be supported and begun shortly. The next call for submissions is scheduled for February 2019, interested applicants are encouraged to contact Anneke Grobler E anneke.grobler@mcri.edu.au now for protocol development and statistical support.