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06 May 2019
2019 05-May

Picchi Award for Excellence in Cancer Research

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Picchi Brothers Foundation

Applications extended to Monday 13 May 

Applications have been extended to encourage PhD students to make a submission to receive a prestigious award in the categories of basic science, clinical science and population health.

Up to three $10,000 prizes recognising Excellence in Cancer Research will be awarded to the top PhD students of the VCCC alliance. In 2019, the population health category will incorporate submissions in the area of health services research.

Jonathan Hiller was nearing the completion of his PhD write up when he received an email about the VCCC’s Picchi Awards, “I just thought, this would be a big help” he said.

“After being so focused on my PhD for years, I recognised my responsibility to share my research results. Research results are only useful if outcomes are shared amongst colleagues and peers in the field.”

Picchi Awards enable connections and knowledge share

The Picchi Awards are supported by the Picchi Brothers Foundation and aim to inspire the next generation of cancer researchers. Students completing their PhD can receive $10,000 to collaborate and grow networks; advancing towards research independence.

Dr Hiller won the 2018 Clinical Science Award. He said, “Winning one of the Picchi Awards means I can attend two major anaesthetist conferences. I will be able to take the pilot data developed through my PhD research and gain input from my international colleagues.”

Disseminating data to progress research outcomes

Collaboration and dissemination of data is essential to advancing any scientific field, Dr Hiller is keen to engage in the conversation, “One of the scientific conferences I am attending with Picchi Award support gives me three opportunities to present my research results, including an oral presentation."

“The other conference is attended by the world’s top anaesthetic researchers by invitation. This is where outcomes of major trials are delivered, and discussion focusses on trial development and recruitment.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for me to meet and have dialogue with the key researchers in the anaesthetic field, to discuss progress and challenges as well as a chance to connect with potential collaborators.”

Professional development for researchers

Conferences are a major part of professional development for researchers, however the cost to travel to international conferences from Australia can often be prohibitive.

Dr Hiller said, “Research has to involve multi-centres to provide rigorous evidence. Given the size of Australia, we have to involve international groups to produce rigorous outcomes.

“Meeting colleagues in the field face-to-face provides a certain level of understanding that is unavailable by other means like email, phone calls or videoconferencing. Establishing international connections ultimately facilitates research development, the Picchi Award has made this possible for me.”

Read the guidelines and complete your application today.