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Reducing administrative burden to increase clinical trial activity

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SiteDocs Portal to streamline management of key regulatory documents

Building clinical trial capacity through increased efficiencies will improve quality and consistency, in addition to reducing costs and the administrative burden associated with trials.

SiteDocs Portal is an electronic document management platform, developed by TrialDocs and JeyLabs to streamline management of key regulatory documents. The VCCC is working with Cancer Trials Australia to implement the platform to 15 cancer clinical trial sites in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

To enable a smooth transition, two dedicated project officers will implement the platform, facilitate training and provide support.

Gabriella Martello has a background in clinical trials, having previously worked at the Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (PCCTU). Jude Jayasuriya is working on the SiteDocs project part-time, while also researching dementia care programs at the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI).

Harmonising management, introducing consistency, streamlining processes

Describing her previous experience, Gabriella said, “I was a part of the leading team that set up the SiteDocs Portal at PCCTU and am using learnings from that project to progress this roll out across Victorian sites.

“The sites are similar but have different ways of doing things. We are creating connections between sites, harmonising file management, introducing inter-site consistency and streamlining processes.”

Jude is also keen to build connections and improve mechanisms, “Reducing the administrative burden will allow units to focus on trial initiation and particularly recruitment.

“Bottlenecks often occur during the start period, reducing these issues will make these sites more appealing to commercial sponsors.”

Victoria’s clinical trial collective impact

All sites included are projected to be up and sustainably running on the SiteDocs Portal by June 2020.

Gabriella and Jude have visited all sites involved and implementation has begun at Bendigo Health, with Border Medical Oncology, the Royal Women’s Hospital and Peter Mac Radiation Oncology to follow shortly.

“Implementing SiteDocs has allowed me to build stakeholder relationships and see the bigger picture of clinical trials in Victoria,” Gabriella said.

“Trials are an essential bridge between research and patient care, building capacity through efficiency will contribute to Victoria’s ability to deliver a collective impact across sites.”