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03 Apr 2019
04-April 2019

Building palliative care clinical trial capability

Can palliative care patients contribute to clinical trials in Victoria?

Leeanne Pasanen wants clinical trials to become part of standard practice in palliative care, “I want palliative care patients to know that they too might be able to participate in a clinical trial and have access to new ways of improving care.”

Leeanne has coordinated Australian and international cancer clinical trials for about a decade. She is currently the VCCC Program Trial Coordinator focusing on palliative care clinical trials in Melbourne.

Building capability is essential, “Clinical trials in palliative care is a relatively niche area. To increase palliative care trial activity we are sharing resources, learning from each other and building a vibrant collaboration of researchers,” Leeanne explains.

Developing supportive networks, tools and templates

The VCCC Building Trial Group Capability Program aims to advance knowledge and opportunity in clinical trials to increase expertise and expand patient access.

Leeanne’s role supports collaboration in palliative care clinical trials across the VCCC clinical members, including research nurses, study investigators and research fellows.

Communications and networks are essential for making this happen, “I spend my day talking to researchers, investigators, sponsors, nurses and fellows, trying to identify and solve issues, linking people, making sure conversation happen and that the right tools are available.

“I am currently working towards creating research tools and templates that can be used by clinical trial nurses to streamline the conduct of clinical trials,” Leeanne said.

“Streamlining processes, creating networks and developing standard tools will help palliative care clinical trials to become part of standard practice, as well as increase the number, range, diversity and distribution of trials.”

Palliative care trial capability success factors

  1. Give palliative care patients the opportunity to participate in a suitable clinical trial.
  2. Increase the number and distribution of novel, diverse palliative care clinical trials.
  3. Develop Victoria’s international reputation for excellence in the conduct of palliative care trials and attract more industry sponsored trials.
  4. Support palliative care research nurses and embed them in the hospital community.

See the Building Capability webpage for further program information and key contact details.