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11 Mar 2020
03-March 2020

Collaboration key to extending teletrials across Victoria

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Alfred Cancer Trials and VCCC work together

Alfred Cancer Trials will implement their first cancer clinical trial using the teletrial model with support from the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). 

The teletrial model developed by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) aims to improve clinical trial recruitment and diversity by increasing trial access to the broader Victorian community impacted by cancer. This is accomplished through a cluster framework of clinical trial sites composed of a primary trial site and satellite sites. The approach allows multiple health organisations, including existing cancer clinical trial units and hospitals with limited or no trial capacity, to collaborate – expanding trial capacity and services while reducing barriers.

Funded by COSA, the Alfred Cancer Trials team will use the VCCC teletrial framework and processes to conduct a cancer clinical trial across three sites.

The trial will be tracked and evaluated for future teletrial development, “Working with the VCCC to implement a teletrial approach will allow us to benefit from learnings already gained by the alliance’s experience and collaborations using this model,” said Ms Jacqueline Dixon, Trial Coordinator, Alfred Cancer Trials.

Building a unified teletrial framework

The VCCC is currently working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to produce standard operational procedures (SOPs) specifically for teletrials; aligning with current clinical trial practices.

Anne Woollett VCCC’s Head of Clinical Trials Programs, says, “Working across multiple organisations throughout Victoria will further our understanding of the challenges and improve our solutions to successfully expand teletrials. We need to implement a unified framework, build a strong network and ensure connections between industry and health services.”

For more information on VCCC Clinical Trials Programs contact Anne Woollett, Head Clinical Trials Programs e: anne.woollett@unimelb.edu.au.