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11 Mar 2020
03-March 2020

Establishing clinical trial collaborations through efficiencies

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Victoria’s cancer clinical trial units deliver some of the best services in the world, providing access to world-class infrastructure and implementation of a flexible and rapid regulatory framework. There are a number of cancer clinical trial sites across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Each site is different in size, growth, strategic alliances, focus and operations.

New and important networks have been developed by the VCCC Building Capacity Through Efficiency Program which is aligning efforts across the state. Recent activities have included the implementation of the SiteDocs platform into 16 metropolitan and regional clinical trial sites, and supporting a Research Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist to establish the role of a dedicated clinical trial physicist and broaden collaborations.

Understanding and enhancing opportunities

VCCC Program Manager Courtney Thornely said the efficiency program has produced positive outcomes beyond the original scope, “Clinical trial site teams have participated in specific training and development sessions, with good networking outcomes. Those involved said they wanted more and varied opportunities, so we decided to consult with the group to identify what is needed and what can be done."

As a result, clinical trial unit members from across Victoria contributed to a workshop aimed at improving the financial capability of trial units. This initial concept quickly became a greater opportunity to provide consultation, culminating in the establishment of a community of interest - an initiative where networks share knowledge, experience and resources.

Clinical trials community of interest

The VCCC values and promotes collaboration to best benefit cancer outcomes for all Victorians. “Victoria’s clinical trial sites share a goal to optimise processes and develop insights,” Ms Thornely said.

“Establishing a community of interest provides the opportunity for the sector to further build efficiencies, expand best practice, increase transparencies and engage more effectively across sites, whilst also achieving enhanced consumer involvement. All of these opportunities will provide better clinical trial opportunities for Victorian cancer patients.”

For more information, contact Courtney Thornely, VCCC Program Manager, e:courtney.thornely@unimelb.edu.au