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05 Aug 2019
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First cohort of Clinical Trials Assistant interns graduate

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Representatives from the clinical trials sector including alliance members, partners, government, consumers and pharma joined us to celebrate our graduating Clinical Trial Assistant interns.

The VCCC Development of Clinical Trials Workforce Capacity and Capability Program has established internships to provide theoretical and practical learning, increasing employability and opportunities.

Building capacity of our clinical trial workforce

Expanding Victoria’s clinical trial activity calls for a highly trained workforce capable of meeting increasing demand.

Over 200 candidates applied for the 10 internship places, located in metropolitan and regional clinical trial units. Over 24-weeks, the interns participated in an intensive induction, developed in partnership with the Parkville Cancer Clinical Trial Unit (PCCTU), followed by on-the-job training.

PCCTU Manager Marian Lieschke thanked VCCC Workforce Development Manager Chris Packer for her drive in making the internships happen, saying, “What makes the internship program a success? That these interns get employment and contribute to the clinical trials workforce now and into the future.”

On-the-job training contributing to efficiencies 

During on-the-job training, interns were required to develop a site improvement project and these were presented at the graduation event. Considerably positive feedback was provided by the audience for the presentations and insights into creating efficiencies within the units.

VCCC Cancer Advisory Consumer Committee member Les Leckie contributed to the intern panel selection and review, and said, “I am pleased to be a part of the next wave of clinical trial staff. I wish all the interns the best in their brilliant careers.”

LesLeckie JoshErnest ArunGandrathi CTAwinners v2

Mr Leckie awarded best presentation to graduating interns Joel Ernest and Arun Gandrathi.