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04 Feb 2020
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Overcoming barriers to nurse-led research

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
VCCC Nurse-led Research Partnership Post Program

Congratulations to the eight nurses from VCCC member hospitals who are being supported to undertake nurse-led research training and development during the next 12-weeks.

The nurses have been successful in gaining a place in the VCCC Nurse-led Research Partnership Post program and will dedicate two days each week to honing their research skills. 

They will be backfilled two days each week to develop clinical research skills. With the support of experienced researchers, the nurses will focus on how to transform a clinical question into a research question; effectively search and critique literature. They will also learn different approaches to clinical research; how to design and structure a project and what is required to gain ethics approval.

The goal for the VCCC Partnership Program is to build a critical mass of research active-nurses who can drive better experiences and outcomes of care for patients and families through nurse-led research.

Successful candidates for the 2020 Program are:
  • Phoebe Robertson, Registered Nurse, Austin Health, Palliative Care Unit, Ward 8 South
  • Iga Debska, Patient Flow Nurse Coordinator, Austin Health, Day Oncology Unit
  • Lindsay Scudder, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Austin Health, Clinical Haematology
  • Dyan Cana, Registered Nurse, Royal Children’s Hospital, Kookaburra Ward
  • Emily Banting, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne - Hepatobiliary and Upper GI Surgical Unit   
  • Jessica Demajo, Myeloma Nurse Coordinator, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Haematology
  • Jake McMahon, Associate Nurse Unit Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, 6 West Oncology/Haematology
  • Nicola Lanci, Clinical Nurse Unit Manager, Western Health, Sunshine Hospital, Radiotherapy

In addition to the partnership post opportunity, an outstanding program of research-based workshops is available through the VCCC Nurse-led Research Hub for any for any nurses who work with people affected by cancer. Workshops are free, are full or half day and will be held at various locations across the alliance members.

Please contact Natasha Moloczij, Program Manager, Nurse-Led Research for more information or subscribe to learn more about VCCC Nurse-Led Research Hub activities by registering your details here.