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Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building EOI

Access the clinical trials Knowledge Bank and Trials Assistance Scheme

Expressions of interest are open for investigator-initiated intervention clinical trials that incorporate collaboration of two or more VCCC alliance members.


The VCCC Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building Program comprises:

  • Knowledge Bank – assistance and coaching of investigators to further develop novel trial concepts through to the development of clinical trial protocols.
  • Trial Assistance Scheme – trial management, site management and biostatistical support for selected projects, judged by an independent review panel to have the greatest potential to impact on clinical care in a timely manner.

Statistical support is available prior to or during application submission. If you would like to access this support, please email Anneke Grobler to arrange an initial one-hour meeting.


Eligibility criteria

  • Clinical trials are defined as per the World Health Organisation definition, ‘any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. Submissions must be interventional trials.
  • Potential clinical trials must have the capacity to secure funding or be funded already.
  • The trial must be a multisite clinical trial, including two or more VCCC alliance member clinical sites.

Note: Frequently asked questions are available on the REDCap application form.

Application process

All applicants must complete and submit to the EOI using the REDCap application form.

This form will be accessible from Tuesday 5 February to Tuesday 2 April.

Alternatively, please contact Anne Woollett, Head of Clinical Trials Development, to request a link be forwarded to you.

Applications close at 5pm on Tuesday 2 April 2019.


  • Avoid acronyms unless previously explained
  • Answer all questions (enter NA if the question is not applicable to your application)


The Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building Program is one of 19 programs being undertaken as part of the VCCC Strategic Research Plan 2017-20, supported by the Victorian Government.

The cancer research community identified a lack of capacity for investigator-initiated trials as their most frequently identified unmet need. The Investigator Initiated Trial Capacity Building Program aims to provide the resources for more investigators to develop, open and conduct a clinical trial.

Goals and desired outcomes

  • Increased number of high-quality, investigator-initiated clinical trials
  • Increased number of cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials
  • Increased and higher quality evidence for practice change
  • Greater numbers of experienced clinical trial investigators
  • High quality and consistent start up processes for investigator-initiated clinical trials
  • Consistent collection of data for non-commercial trials