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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a critical bridge between research discoveries and improved treatment and care.

Clinical trials assess the success rate of treatments in humans, access to this research means cancer patients can participate in cutting-edge treatments and contribute to learnings.

Our clinical trials programs have been developed to address the current areas of greatest need and the most significant gaps in activity across our partner sites. These clinical trials programs represent a cohesive multi-pronged approach to deliver:

  • Capability to underserved areas
  • Clinical trial access for patients across Victoria
  • Metrics to progress measurement and evaluation

New approach for accessible and efficient outcomes

Changing the way clinical trials are designed, as well as increasing the number of trials in Australia, provides benefits to patients, scientific outcomes and ultimately treatments.

Registry trialsĀ enrol patients from routine clinical practice, embedding standardised practices to enable increased patient participation and provides big data sets for evaluation.

Teletrials improve access to clinical trials for regional Victorians through the use of telehealth technology; reducing the burden of travel, cost and social disruption.

Adolescent and young people (AYA) are often overlooked for clinical trials due to their age and access to paediatric or general clinicians. Identifying trials for AYA people will enhance outcomes and provide comprehensive findings.

Building capacity to drive greater efficiencies

Implementation of robust, consistent cancer clinical trials processes, protocols and metrics will enable researchers and clinicians to better collaborate and drive discoveries to treatment.

Investigator-initiated trials move basic science closer to clinical questions. Clinicians and researchers are provided with resources and support through the trial process, protocol development and mentoring.

Expanding the diversity of clinical trials on offer will also increase the chances that a patient will be eligible for a trial. By building our trial capacity and advocating a broad range of clinical disciplines; the number of trials rolled out will be expanded.

Metrics can define the value of clinical trials; measuring outcomes and participation, as well as becoming a lever for improvement. A suite of agreed metrics implemented across cancer clinical trials will increase impact and innovation.

Participate and contribute

For further information regarding the clinical trials programs contact Anne Woollett, VCCC Head of Clinical Trials Programs