The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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Development and delivery of a cancer clinical trials education and professional development program contributes to establishing a highly trained workforce. 

A key focus of the VCCC is to expand clinical trials in all ways, including access, participation design and type. To achieve increased clinical trial activity across the alliance partners, Victoria and nationally, our workforce must be capable.

The Development of Clinical Trials Workforce Capacity and Capability program develops education and training to fulfil unmet needs. To do achieve this, the program team will:

  • Map the current workforce
  • Produce a needs analysis
  • Identify gaps
  • Establish a competence framework for guidance
  • Develop and deliver education and training

Call a Colleague

Call a Colleague aims to connect clinical trial staff, including members of the Regional Trial Network. Staff members provide their contact details and areas of expertise, to enable their sector colleagues to connect, support and gain advice.