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Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Designed for primary care practitioners, including GPs, nurses and allied health professionals.

The Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners program has been developed through stakeholder contribution, including VCCC alliance partners, affiliated organisations and consumers.

The program adheres to best practice survivorship care and intends to establish:

  • An awareness of cancer survivorship
  • The importance of a shared care model
  • Benefits for the patient and healthcare system


Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation; continuing professional development (CPD) points will be available through the relevant college.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise cancer as a chronic disease and its burden on the patient, health system and society, as well as understand the evolving role of the PCP.
  • Apply the models of care, optimal care pathways and clinical guidelines that direct survivorship care.
  • Recognise the psychosocial impacts of cancer treatments.
  • Outline the risk of new primary, local or metastatic recurrences and their temporal pattern.
  • Outline the consequences of cancer treatment on cancer survivors of various age-groups.
  • Recognise the advancements of new and emerging cancer therapies.

Program modules

  • Survivorship Fundamentals
  • Communication and Coordination of Care
  • Supportive Care
  • Surveillance
  • Long Term and Late Effects
  • New Cancer Therapies

Delivery method

This accessible program delivers relevant, evidence-based resources and is available as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). 

2019 course dates are:

4 February
29 April (enrolments open 4 March 2019)
22 July (enrolments open 3 June 2019)

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For information contact Kyleigh Smith via email or phone 8559 6150.

The Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners program is proudly supported by the Victorian Government.