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Research & Education Lead Program

The Research & Education (R&E) Lead program will systematise collaboration across the VCCC to turn the idea of integration of research, education and clinical care, into reality.

Key elements:

  • Building leadership and networks for tumour streams and selected cancer themes
  • Expand research of the tumour stream and cancer theme through needs-based educational programming


The R&E Leads program manifests the foundational principles of the VCCC by systematising and normalising collaborative activities across the VCCC partners. The program addresses a significant proportion of the priorities for the VCCC, leading to integration of research, education and clinical care; sharing of ideas and knowledge to improve patient outcomes; and facilitating shared education and training across member organisations.


  • Better leadership and strategic direction for research and education
  • Integrate research, education and clinical aspects of tumour streams or cancer themes
  • Embed international and local research and evidence into clinical practice
  • Increase the impact, breadth and depth of research relevant to the cancer theme
  • Add value to education programs that underpin excellence in clinical care and research
  • Facilitate better use of integrated research and clinical data
  • Enable multi-site clinical trials

Research & Education Leads

Professor Andrew Roberts
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne

Melanoma and skin cancers 
Mr David Gyorki
Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre, Austin Health, University of Melbourne

Primary care integration
Professor Jon Emery
University of Melbourne, Western Health

Cancer nursing 
Professor Meinir Krishnasamy
University of Melbourne

Lung cancer 
Associate Professor Gavin Wright
St Vincent's Melbourne, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Gastro-intestinal cancers 
Professor Peter Gibbs
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Western Health

Genito-urinary cancers
Dr Niall Corcoran
Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne

Head and neck cancers
Associate Professor David Wiesenfeld
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Linda Mileshkin  
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Central nervous system and brain cancers
Associate Professor Hui Gan
Austin Health, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

Associate Professor Jayesh Desai
Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Activities include

The R&E Lead program has eleven established leads, with one further clinician-scientist to be appointed to develop and harmonise high quality, research and educational activities within their specialty area across the VCCC.

Once a lead is appointed, there are three phases of activity in the program:

Phase i) Development of an evidence-base to inform and support collective planning through a mapping exercise and engagement with relevant healthcare professionals, researchers and educators across all partner sites.

Phase ii) Development of an agreed, strategic VCCC-wide direction for the tumour stream or cancer theme, with a focus on creating new networks and other ways to enable transfer of knowledge.

Phase iii) Dissemination of knowledge and evidence to integrate research, education and clinical care and facilitate practice change across the VCCC. Research and Education Leads will also have key roles in a number of programs that require leadership and expertise.