The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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The VCCC will deliver four key benefits:

As part of the vision and strategic aims of the VCCC, we seek to achieve the following benefits to the community:

Benefit 1: High-impact research that delivers major breakthroughs in cancer

The CCC model has demonstrated international success for 40 years by linking discovery science with clinical research and population health to quickly translate high-impact research discoveries from any source directly into clinical practice. The adoption of this proven model in Victoria will transform our clinical care, and more patients will have quicker access to new life saving therapies that will directly improve their outcomes.

Benefit 2: Reduced burden of cancer on patients, the community and the economy

The VCCC will significantly reduce the burden of cancer in our community and economy by focusing its expertise on cancer awareness, general practice, improved referral pathways, and better models of care. The benefits of this will be decreased cancer incidence, better detection, increased survival, improved experiences of people living with and beyond cancer, and better, more cost effective care to cope with increasing case-loads at lower cost.

Benefit 3: Consistent delivery of optimal evidence-based cancer care

The VCCC will develop a framework to disseminate the latest evidence-based cancer care protocols to its members and beyond so that all patients, regardless of their entry point, are offered timely, equitable, and best-practice care. This will be supplemented by a systematic international audit system to provide reliable information on patient care and actual outcomes. Combined, these processes will reduce the variations we currently see in cancer care and the substandard outcomes experienced within some cancer types and some patient groups.

Benefit 4: A sustainable, high calibre workforce of international standing

The VCCC will offer a fully comprehensive suite of cancer education, training and professional development programs to build the next generation of world leading cancer care professionals. Through this program, the VCCC will equip Victoria with an internationally competitive cancer workforce that is appropriately skilled to meet the complex future needs of cancer control and make Victoria the destination for cancer training. This program will attract the best cancer professionals to Victoria and position Victoria to grow an international health education program.

Methods to deliver these benefits provide the basis for the VCCC strategic planning and program design.

Read more about our plans in The VCCC Strategic Plan (2016-2020): a partnership to control and cure cancer.