The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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The Comprehensive Cancer Centre Model (CCC)

The Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) model, initiated by the US Government, has now been adopted in most developed countries. The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) will be the first such comprehensive cancer centre in Australia and will enable us to address the multi-faceted problem we face. The VCCC will help us to:

  • Treat and improve the outcomes of patients against a projected rise in cancer cases,
  • Streamline and strengthen our capability to rapidly translate cancer research into clinical practice,
  • Apply world's best-practice treatment, and
  • Enhance cancer education and training to meet future demands.

A CCC enables a focused program of work that is multidisciplinary and integrates cancer research, education, and clinical care to accelerate the control and cure cancer. The fundamental premise for Victoria is that a CCC of integrated organisations will gain far greater benefits in cancer more quickly than an individual organisation could achieve alone.