Clinical Trial Life Cycle

The Sponsor-Investigator and central coordinating trial team, as well as site Principal Investigator(s) and their clinical trial team, all have an important role to play in the delivery of a clinical trial, see Roles and Responsibilities.

It is also useful to understand these responsibilities in terms of the four main stages of a clinical trial: planning, conduct, data analysis and sharing of results. 

Download the life cycle of a clinical trial

Life cycle clinical trial

Refer to Planning, Trial Conduct, Analysing the Data and Share Results, for further information about each stage of the clinical trial life cycle.  

In depth information, including resources to support researchers and institutions undertaking investigator-initiated trials, is provided in risk management, monitoring and data management.

Expansion of the resources available is planned for late 2020. Please check in regularly for updates as new sections are added to support researchers conducting investigator-initiated trials.