Harmonisation of trial management across metro and regional Victorian clinical sites enables process streamlining, improves collaboration and efficiencies, and removes bottlenecks.

Cost-effective regulatory management

The SiteDocs Portal is an electronic document management platform that provides cost-effective management of regulatory requirements:

  • Improves sponsor relationships and satisfaction
  • Delivers regulatory documentation standardisation
  • Cuts down duplication of resources and effort
  • Provides audit and inspection ready documentation
  • Decreases the administrative burden
  • Reduces storage space requirements

The platform is to be rolled out to 15 cancer clinical trials units in Melbourne and regional Victoria, enabling our collective impact cancer clinical trials.

Implementation, training and support across Victoria

Working with Cancer Trials Australia, two dedicated project officers are implementing the platform, as well as facilitating training and support.

The project officers will provide consistency, producing a harmonised approach to managing and collaborating regulatory documentation across Victoria.

The SiteDocs Portal implementation is part of the VCCC Building Capacity Through Efficiency Program. The platform rollout will create regulatory clinical trial documentation efficiencies, and ease of documentation collaboration to internal stakeholders and external sponsors. 

Further information and contact details

Do you have a question about the SiteDocs portal implementation? Contact Gabriella Martello and Jude Jayasuriya, Project Officers at