The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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VCCC Strategic Plan 2016-20

The VCCC Strategic Plan (2016-2020): a partnership to control and cure cancer, provides the broad framework for the collaborative cancer control program of the VCCC partnership for the next five years. 

Through its Strategic Plan (2016 -2020) the VCCC partnership will focus on six key areas: 

  • Priority 1: Improving patient outcomes and experience – using research evidence and performance data to drive better cancer care 
  • Priority 2: Clinical trials – accelerating access to new ways to manage cancer 
  • Priority 3: Cancer research – discovering the prevention strategies, diagnostics and therapies of tomorrow 
  • Priority 4: Education and training – developing the future cancer workforce 
  • Priority 5: Working in partnership – delivering effective cancer control 
  • Priority 6: Sharing data – empowering cancer clinical care and research

Read the full VCCC Strategic Plan (2016-2020)