Andrew Roberts

Professor Andrew Roberts

MBBS FRACP FRCPA PhD Research & Education Lead, Haematology and Academic Lead
Alliance position: Cancer Theme Co-leader, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute; Clinical Haematologist, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Metcalf Chair of Leukaemia Research - The University of Melbourne View alliance profile

Professor Andrew Roberts has guided the haematology disciplines across the alliance partners to reach shared priorities agreement, promote consistency in treatment and care, and coordinate an approach to help expand clinical trials.

Ongoing areas of development encompass:

  • Harmonisation of haematology education and training, through a suite of high quality, online educational resources
  • Analysis of barriers to cross-institution clinical trial referrals

Professor Roberts is also Chair of the VCCC Cancer Research Advisory Committee and a program champion for Understanding Response and Resistance to Targeted Therapies; he was previously Chair of the Strategic Research Plan Working Group.

At the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Professor Roberts’ research interests focus on blood cancers, he is also a clinical haematologist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.