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07 Oct 2020
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

VCCC Grand Round Breast Cancer - Dr Caleb Dawson

Uncovering mammary gland-resident macrophages by 3D and intravital imaging.

The VCCC Grand Rounds are a fortnightly meeting showcasing the latest developments in breast cancer-related research locally, nationally and globally. Join to hear from Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr Caleb Dawson from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. 

Dr Dawson recently completed his PhD with Professor Jane Visvader, Dr Anne Rios and Professor Geoff Lindeman. He studied mammary stem cells and resident immune cells of the breast. He uses high-resolution 3D imaging to investigate breast cell morphology and location, and has established intravital imaging of the mammary gland to reveal the in vivo cell dynamics of breast development and cancer.

Dr Caleb Dawson will present on the discovery and characterisation of mammary intra-epithelial immune cells that were revealed by 3D confocal imaging.

Using mouse models, imaging and flow cytometry, these cells were identified as unique tissue-resident ductal macrophages (DMs) with important functions in mammary gland remodelling. DMs form a contiguous network within the mammary epithelial bilayer at all stages of development and constantly monitor the ducts with dendrites. The pro-tumour activity of macrophages and the ubiquitous presence of DMs throughout tumourigenesis raises these cells as potential therapeutic targets in cancer.

Wednesday 7 October 2020

This event will be hosted via the Zoom platform. Zoom is accessible on your computer, tablet or phone via the Zoom app. If you have any issues with this platform on your device, please visit the Zoom support site. Alternatively please contact your IT administrator.