07 Oct 2020
2020 10-Oct

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Library of online resources

If you are studying, or work in any of the disciplines that relate to helping people overcome and be well with cancer, the VCCC has a library of online resources for you to learn more about research developments, clinical trials, psycho-social, and palliative care developments, and much more. It is your ‘VCCC on-demand’ and provides free access to recordings of online educational webinars and collaborative events.

The popular Monday Lunch Live seminar series kicks off the working week most Mondays of the year. The seminars, which have been delivered online since March, introduce diverse topics in cancer and represent a masterclass in some of the most exciting areas of cancer research and education today. Most of these seminars are recorded and posted online.

A recent popular mainstream presentation came from Europe-based Dr Desiree Dickerson who spoke about the concept of imposter syndrome and perfectionism as a barrier for researchers. Dr Dickerson uses cutting-edge strategies to help individuals to make changes to maximise cognitive performance and wellbeing. She also assists institutions to help their academic staff and postgrads to optimise their productivity, increase their resilience to stress, anxiety, and burnout, and enhance their wellbeing and work-life balance.

For months we have been harnessing the expertise of Australian cancer specialists to deliver an up-to-the-minute analysis of many of the challenging aspects of the pandemic, including the ways they have affected us as healthcare professionals. The Cancer & COVID-19 in Victoria webinars are usually uploaded for viewing 1-2 weeks after the live events. Recordings are usually an hour long and YouTube links can be shared with colleagues, consumers, and students.

Recommended viewing

Last month, VCCC and Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) hosted a collaborative seminar on the clinical application of genomics. The 90-minute presentation featured representatives from some of Victoria’s major cancer centres, including molecular geneticist Professor Melissa Southey, Director of Monash University’s new Biobanking Victoria initiative and Research Director of the MPCCC. Melissa is best known for her work with multiple-case cancer families and heritable risk factors that have provided the evidence base for best practice guidelines for the clinical management of individuals at high risk of the disease.

Know your Blood, a two-half-days symposium on the use of genomics in haematological disorders was hosted by Professor Andrew Roberts, VCCC Research and Education Lead Haematology, and Dr Piers Blombery, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and featured presentations from researchers and clinicians from many of the alliance’s research and clinical institutions.

In August, Professor Gail Garvey outlined research and key considerations to support the delivery and optimal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with cancer.

View recordings of VCCC webinars and collaborative events.

For enquiries about VCCC online education or recordings availability, contact Erin Turner, Education Program Coordinator, e: erin.turner@unimelb.edu.au or Cynthia Slattery, Events and Communications Coordinator e: cynthia.slattery@unimelb.edu.au.