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04 Feb 2020
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Clinical trial assistants begin 40 week intern placement

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Metro Melbourne and regional Victoria

The expansion of clinical trials in Victoria is offering the prospect of a fulfilling career for young science graduates. Last year, the VCCC, with the Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, launched its internship program to assist candidates to embark on a career as a clinical trial assistant. A month after the program concluded, 100 percent of the participants were fully employed in the clinical trial sector in Victoria.

The 2020 internships got underway this week enabling the successful participants to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to contribute to the clinical trials workforce. They will undergo a comprehensive training program and receive mentoring to competitively position them for an ongoing role in the field. 

Crucial skills to enable interns to be job-ready

Working out of a host cancer clinical trial site, each intern will learn the importance of their role within the health system.  They will assist in providing administrative support to ensure effective and efficient team operations and, alongside team members will assist in maintaining appropriate regulatory documents - ensuring regulatory compliance in the conduct of clinical trials. The intern role will act as the main conduit between clinical trial sponsors, assisting with onsite monitoring processes and project delivery.

The program ensures that interns are paid according to the relevant Award, in most cases the Victorian Public Health Sector Agreement. This year, the VCCC has successfully coordinated a grant from Bristol Myers Squibb to support regional candidates with travel and accommodation costs associated with the program orientation and mandatory training.

During the program they will undertake a process improvement project. In consultation with the host clinical trials unit, they will observe and monitor a clinical trial process and identify areas for improvement. They will be employed within various Victorian cancer clinical trial services units at Barwon Health, Ballarat Health, Bendigo Health, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit / Peter Mac Cancer Surgery Anaesthetics, Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, St Vincent’s Hospital – Cardiothoracic & Medical Oncology.

Congratulations to VCCC Clinical trial assistant interns for 2020

Back row left to right: Mitchell Clements, David Hong, Bailey Apostol, Bryce Logan, Michael Tran
Front row left to right: Jesse Burke, Evelyn Zacharewicz, Anna-Marie Denton, Donna McIntyre 

For more information contact Chris Packer, VCCC Clinical Trials Workforce Development Manager