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11 Nov 2019
11-November 2019

Consumer and community engagement is everyone’s business

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

In the past two years extensive consultation has resulted in a vision for consumer engagement across the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance. And now, many practical examples exist to effectively demonstrate how the VCCC is partnering with consumers to the benefit of Victorians.

On 4 December, the VCCC will host its first Consumer Engagement Forum to share experiences and introduce a range of resources to help implement meaningful engagement. 

From being involved in research to guiding decision-making, consumer and carer perspectives provide a unique source of knowledge. The VCCC Cancer Consumer Advisory Committee reports directly to the VCCC Board and is headed by an independent consumer Chair. 

This expertise and insight across the VCCC alliance enables all involved to listen carefully to consumers - and to incorporate those voices into the decisions that have shaped the organisation and informed the strategic approach to advancing cancer research, education and clinical care.

The VCCC Cancer Consumer Advisory Committee has the ability and capacity to act on some unique opportunities as our members not only advise on collaborative initiatives, but each person brings perspectives from the consumer committees within each of the organisations represented in the alliance.” 

Sophy Athan, independent consumer Chair         

As the alliance seeks to improve its collaborative efforts into the future, the organisation has a goal to ensure that consumer and community engagement is integral to all its programs, creates opportunities across the alliance and enhances community engagement in the health sector.

The forum on 4 December will bring together people affected by cancer, as well as those who work with them. The meeting advocates for consumers to be 'part of the process' and aims to continue the progression of consumer engagement in the VCCC alliance.

Places are limited. Registrations are essential for catering purposes. Register to attend.

Anyone not able to attend the meeting is welcome to join by registering for webinar