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Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program

A collaboration between the University of Melbourne, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Tapping into the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience offered by the ten partners of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance, the University of Melbourne’s Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program provides a unique opportunity for multidisciplinary cancer-related PhD candidates to experience clinical and research activities across the alliance.

The Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program provides a training and support framework for the academic and professional development of students undertaking cancer-related research within the VCCC Alliance.

This integrated program will provide academic and specialist cancer research training that will broaden their knowledge and the context of their research. The program is designed to complement existing PhD activities and provides opportunities to develop professional skills that will help candidates to fulfil their career ambitions.

The University of Melbourne’s Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program aims to produce graduates ready to conduct work-class research and set them on a path to a broad range of career options.


Students in the Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program will have access to opportunities across the VCCC alliance that will assist them in developing a thorough understanding of the bench-to-bedside model that is fundamental to the Comprehensive Cancer Centre approach to integrated research.

Students undertake their PhD research activities in their host department/organisation, but will also have access to the Comprehensive Cancer PhD program to bolster their research and professional development.

The high calibre of expertise across the VCCC alliance provides a unique opportunity to harness expertise spanning discovery-based research through to patient outcomes:

  • Multidisciplinary program open to all cancer-related postgraduate research students across VCCC
  • Incorporating basic, translational and clinical research
  • Provide scholarly and specialist cancer research training
  • Build breadth in research knowledge and skills
  • Assist with academic progress and timely completion
  • Address emerging cancer research training needs
  • Breadth of clinical and research experiences
  • Complement existing PhD and department activities
  • Clinical and research experiences
  • Formal record of participation


The flexible program is designed to be of interest to PhD students with either a scientific or clinical background, including medical graduates, nursing and allied health specialists.

Applicants must be enrolled in a cancer-related PhD in an organisation that is part of the VCCC alliance.

There are two general stages in preparing to become a student in the CCPhD program. Students must:

1. Find a project and supervisor for their research program. Contact supervisors directly to discuss your interest in their project.

2. Once enrolled in a cancer-related PhD project, students are eligible to join the CCPhD program.

See more information and enrol in the program.

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