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26 Jun 2020

EOI: VCCC Research & Education Lead, Haematology

With the ongoing objective of enhancing relationships across the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance members, this position is offered as a secondment opportunity from within a member organisation to join the VCCC’s expert distributed leadership team. 

The primary purpose for the appointment of the Research & Education Lead for Haematology (R&E Lead Haematology) is to champion the systemisation of collaboration across the VCCC alliance and partners to integrate cancer research, education and clinical care in the continuous improvement of patient outcomes.

About the position

Working with the guidance and support of the VCCC Executive Director, the R&E Lead Haematology will provide leadership, strategic direction and expert advice for the research and education/training aspects of the haematologic malignancies stream of the broader VCCC R&E Lead program, with the goal of embedding the latest research and evidence more quickly into routine clinical practice.

The R&E Lead Haematology will work closely with a program Steering Group and work together with a VCCC Program Manager to set goals that align with both organisational objectives and the aims of the R&E Lead Program. The Program Manager and R&E Lead Haematology will also develop and implement actionable strategies and report on those targets.

Key responsibilities

  1. The R&E Lead Haematology will champion collaboration across the VCCC alliance and integrate research into clinical care through identified research and education initiatives. Key objectives of the R&E Lead program are to:

a. build leadership capability and networks for the haematology tumour stream across
    the VCCC;

b. provide strategic leadership for the research and education/training aspects of
    the haematology malignancies stream; and

c. facilitate sustainable connections that enable VCCC alliance members to work
    together more effectively.

 2. Provide expert advice on haematologic malignancies programming to contribute to the
     VCCC’s strategic planning processes.

3.Continue to assess the haematology landscape across the VCCC alliance to gain
   an understanding of where the VCCC can add value to the haematologic malignancies
   stream of the R&E Lead program, with consideration for the following areas:

- research and research-enabling infrastructure;

- education, training (including research training) and professional development;

- collection, linkage and sharing of health, clinical and research data that is an enabler for research;

- availability of patient specimens and associated data as an enabler for research;

- systems and processes that promote multi-site clinical trials;

- multi-disciplinary meetings as an enabler for professional development and research-led care;

- evidence for best practice across the continuum of care.

  1. Continuing to build on the work of the former R&E Lead in Haematology, add value in the further development and delivery of ongoing research and educational activities for the new funding period from 2021 to 31 May 2024.
  2. Lead and advocate for the inclusion of consumers in the development and implementation of research and education activities, with the support of the VCCC Consumer and Community Inclusion Manager.
  3. Act as an ambassador for the VCCC by:

- increasing awareness of the role of the VCCC;

- identifying key opportunities for VCCC engagement;

- speaking publicly about VCCC programs in the media, scientific and clinical communities;

- contributing content to the VCCC newsletter and annual report as appropriate;

- other communication activities as and when appropriate.

  1. From time to time, the VCCC may also call on the R&E Lead’s expertise to have input into other related activities. Such input will be discussed and agreed in association with the VCCC Executive Director.
  2. With support from the VCCC program staff, participate in the development of the evaluation of the distributed model of leadership to inform future planning, with the aim of continuing to drive impactful collaborative initiatives toward improved patient outcomes. Objectives are defined in the VCCC Strategic Program 2021-2024 in relation to:

- identifying measures of success for their tumour stream or cancer theme;

- key outcomes;

- program sustainability measures;

- program acceptability and reach.

Key selection criteria

Skills and Experience:

  • A clinical and/or research position within one of the 10 VCCC alliance organisations
  • Informed understanding of and commitment to the vision of VCCC
  • A track record of successful translational cancer research
  • Significant research profile relative to the opportunity in the haematologic malignancies stream of the program
  • Proven experience in managing a collaborative enterprise/enabling collective input and impact
  • Experience in developing and/or delivering post-graduate education/training for health and/or research professionals
  • Demonstrated success in building research capability in a complex environment
  • Demonstrated involvement in and support for evidence-based processes that improve patient outcomes


  • A relevant clinical qualification
  • PhD or equivalent research experience

Term and time commitment

Availability to commit up to half a day, spread across a week - 0.1 full time equivalent (FTE) until 31 May 2024.

Funding arrangement

The funding agreement offered for this 0.1FTE position will provide funds to be held by the R&E Lead’s substantive (current) employer for the purposes of backfilling for their position, including any support, for the period.

Further information

See further information about the VCCC distributed leadership and download a copy of the position description.

For enquiries prior to applying for this role, please contact
VCCC Program Manager, Dr Jasper de Boer +61 4 3298 9847 or
VCCC Executive Director Professor Grant McArthur +61 3 8559 7063 email

To express your interest

Please send your CV and covering letter addressing the key selection criteria to Dr Jasper de Boer, no later than COB Friday 26 February 2021.