Molecular Tumour Board

The VCCC Molecular Tumour Board (MTB) is a multi-disciplinary style forum that provides opinion on the clinical implications of molecular pathology test results of tumours.

Each case is discussed on an individual, de-identified basis. Most MTB meetings also feature an educational presentation.

Discussion and assessment of molecular pathology results

The MTB is convened by Dr Stephen Luen, Associate Professor Jayesh Desai and Dr Ben Tran with an expert group comprised of clinical and scientific staff from across the VCCC providing opinion on each case.  

The MTB educational and research presentations provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about personalised medicine. CPD points are available for meeting attendance. The MTB welcomes referrals from any clinician or multi-disciplinary team from VCCC members and collaborators.

Clinicians, scientists and students (from any organisation) are welcome to attend the meetings, which are usually held on Fridays.  

If you would like to receive meeting agendas, be added to the mailing list or have other enquiries, please contact Louise Ludlow, VCCC Program Manager.

Meeting details

VCCC building, 305 Grattan St, Lecture Theatre A, Level 7, 2:45-4pm 

Or join us via webinar

Friday 21 February

Education presentation

Organoid sensitivity testing to enrich clinical trial recruitment

Tumouroids as a platform to explore GI cancer immunology and the tumour microenvironment

Clinical presentation (to be confirmed)

An illustrative case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with multiple sequential resistance to targeted agents

-          Dr Ella Thompson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Friday 20 March

Education presentation 

Circulating nucleic acids in advanced prostate cancer: prognosis, prediction and personalisation

Clinical presentation (to be confirmed)

Friday 17 April

Education presentation 

Using RNA sequencing to find clinically relevant mutations

Clinical presentation (to be confirmed)

Friday 15 May 

Education presentation 

Structural rearrangements as markers for monitoring early stage lung cancer

Clinical presentation (to be confirmed)

Future dates, speakers to be confirmed

Friday 19 June

Friday 17 July

Friday 21 August

Friday 18 September

Friday 16 October

Friday 20 November

Friday 18 December

Case submission

We welcome cases from clinicians whose patients have had molecular pathology testing performed as part of clinical care or research. Experts will provide advice and opinion regarding the clinical implications of the molecular pathology findings. Wherever possible, referring clinicians will also be advised on appropriate available clinical trials.

To submit a case to the MTB, please complete the MTB case form template and send via email to Louise Ludlow, VCCC Program Manager.